East Texas Hunting, Wildlife and Recreational Property

If you’re looking to purchase East Texas hunting property, you probably have previous hunting experience.  If not, have no fear, for the state of Texas will educate you in a course called Hunter Education, which is mandatory for anyone born on or after September 2, 1971.  After completing the course you can apply for your hunting license. The “super combo,” a combo hunting and fishing license, is the best deal for outdoor enthusiasts who wish to go saltwater or freshwater fishing as well as hunting.

Popular game for residents and visitors of East Texas hunting/wildlife/recreational property include deer and wild pigs. The feral pigs began as domestic populations but escaped and developed wild populations in the Southeastern region of Texas. These populations now spread across the state and are a major cause of damage to agriculture.  Experts estimate upwards of $52 million dollars worth of damage every year.  Most of this is due to pigs digging up the roots of plants, which causes the plants to die, but damages to fences is also fairly common.  Because of this, there is no bag limit on wild pigs and other methods of population control are also being considered. If you’d like to own your own hunting land for recreational use, there is an abundance of properties available to you in east Texas.

Hunting, Wildlife and Recreational Property in East Texas

Please contact Country Connection Team to find a North Texas wildlife ranch for sale or hunting property that is perfect for you.  Brian and Leslie (Rouda) Smith have years of experience selling East Texas hunting property and will be happy to help with any questions or requests about land, hunting, or anything else you might be wondering about. They look forward to hearing from you soon and to helping you enjoy your future hunting experiences. Contact CountryConnection.com today!

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