Purchasing Rural Property

As ranch owners and recipients of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Lone Star Land Steward Award, we are able to assist you in practical application and knowledge from our own experience.  We have had great success on our ranch conserving, establishing and managing wetlands, native grasses, fishing ponds, and implementing wildlife habitat enhancement.


There are many things to consider when buying acreage.  This information is to inform you, not advise you.

Does your move involve the following?

Recreational Properties

Equestrian Properties

Corporate Retreats

Cattle Ranches

Lake Property

Country Estate

Weekend Getaway


The most important questions are –What are your plans and intended use? How much acreage do you need and want to maintain?  What do you plan to invest in the purchase of your property?


What necessary improvements do you need?i.e. dwelling, barns etc., or would you rather purchase raw land?


Once we know your intended use and price range, some of the questions we might ask would involve:

Soil types, grasses

Topography – trees/pasture ratio

Accessibility – gravel, dirt, paved road access

Acceptable Commute time from your primary residence or airport

Recreational opportunities and activities

Wildlife and nature photography, fishing, hunting, four wheeling, bird watching, hiking

Farming – crops

Livestock – horses, cattle etc.

Land Conservation – wetlands, grasses, wildlife habitat etc.


What is your timeframe for accomplishing your goals?