Why Choose us?

Under All is the Land – Preamble to the REALTOR Code of Ethics

The Country Connection Team has decades of Real Estate experience to serve you.  They are proven leaders in their field of Real Estate and their reputation is second to none.  Their own award winning ranch is a testament to their passion for the land.

No matter the amount of land or acreage for which you may be in the market, no matter what your real estate goals may entail – if they’re involving the country, Brian and Leslie Smith have the knowledge, hands on experience and enthusiasm to make your goals a reality.  But, more importantly, they understand the magnetism and draw of the country you are pursuing.  They feel it too, and they will go out of their way to make it happen for you because they understand The Country Connection.

Brian fondly recalls his Texas childhood days hunting, fishing, learning the cattle and horse business and sleeping under a blanket of stars – experiences that would eventually shape his professional path.  Years later, his love for the outdoors seamlessly translated into a career when he began selling ranch and country property.

Leslie grew up with a family farm in Ohio.  Her family’s farm was for raising race horses and recreational activities.  She spent her summers going to a camp that specialized in horseback riding.

This unique category of real estate demands the need for experience in this specialized field of marketing and selling country properties.  You have a valuable resource at your disposal with The Country Connection.