Acreage in East Texas

The acreage in East Texas includes miles and miles of rolling, tree covered green hills. Perfect for ranching, wildlife, or recreational use. The number and types of farms in North and East Texas have changed over time, but their existence dates back to 1940 when Texas was a patchwork of 420,000 farms.  Today, that number is closer to 224,700 and the average size of these farms is 523 acres. This is mostly due to the mechanization of farming that eliminated many of the menial tasks that had been done manually in the past.  Because of this shift to machines, one farmer can oversee far more land than was previously possible. Present day records are also far more accurate than they were in the past, which allows farmers to more accurately predict losses and gains. More accurate weather forecasts and more standardized farming regulations further reduce risks.

East Texas Acreage For Sale

Interestingly, the number of small farms with part time operators is increasing.  This is due to the rising popularity of landowning as a lifestyle rather than a career choice. The likelihood of the country estates for sale in North Texas or the acreage in East Texas being bought by someone who is not a farmer or a rancher has increased dramatically over the last few years.  If you are an avid farmer or a recent enthusiast, and simply want to own your land, Country Connection Team is here to help you explore the many options present in the acreage in East Texas and assist you in acquiring your future farmland, cattle ranch, or even hunting ground.

They encourage you to browse their website to learn more about the opportunities available to you and welcome you to call today to set up an appointment. Brian and Leslie (Rouda) Smith look forward to hearing from you and to sharing their knowledge and expertise with you. Contact today!

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